How to draw picky a pencil

How to draw a piccachin phased pencil for beginners

How to draw Pikachu

Pikachu — recognizable character from Pokemon. All kids and kids adore this funny and cute image. He has a very ordinary shape, and you can simply draw it. Many of you do not need this drawing lesson, and many kids can draw a picking without step-by-step instructions. But we know that with the help of these drawing tips, you can draw its shape and proportions more accurately. Try to draw Picamach Pokemon! Step 1
Step 1 How to Draw Pikach

The 1st pitch of Pokemon drawing is very simple. For you you need to draw sketches of sketches for the head (circle) and add two vertical stripes. They are picamach body borders. Step 2
Step 2 How to Draw Pikach

Now you need to add small circles to the ends of these lines. They assume to draw legs for you. Add two very small balls to Pokemon’s head and draw two unnecessary horizontal stripes (hands). Step 3
Step 3 How to Draw Pikach

At this step you must add sketches for ears and legs. Step 4
Step 4 How to Draw Pikach

This step is more difficult. You must draw a common scheme of the body and head, ears, hands and foot Pickach. Step 5
Step 5 How to Draw Pikach

Take a sharp pencil and circle this preparatory scheme. At the end, you need to draw a tail and go to the next step. Step 6
Step 6 How to Draw Pikach

Now for you you need to remove inappropriate bands and cycles and draw the actual Picamach face stripes. Step 7
Step 7 How to draw Pikach

At this step, you must choose how to draw the final step. This sketch of the Pokemon is made with a pencil number 2, but if you prefer to use color pencils, your sketch can look even more cheerful and prettier.

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