How to draw with a pencil – step by step

How to draw with a pencil – step by step
How to draw a pencil

Drawing pencils – one of the artificial forms. Drawing pencils is the basis for any work of artists. Therefore, in order to confidently draw objects, animals and even portraits, you must learn to draw a pencil. Instracted equipment and simple drawing methods, you will easily draw more complex things. In this lesson, pencil drawings, we will find out the drawings of technology in graphite pencil, step by step.

Step 1

Realistic pencil drawing. Tone pencil. First, we need to remember the technique of drawing pencils. You may notice that more pressing a pencil for paper than dark lines. This is a very important factor for drawing in graphite pencil. With such a simple hole, we can install a tone, add drops of shadows and draw graphics. Try to experiment with a tone of realistic pencil drawing on paper.

Step 2

How to draw a pencil, step 1

How to draw with a pencil. Basic images. Once you have learned to change a tone pencil, I will try to draw a simple object. For drawings, you can use any household items. In my example, I will take a cup of tea. First draw a vertical middle line for the subject. Using it, you can observe the share of drawings. Then draw the main sketch of the subject. Do not choose too complicated subject with many faces. Simple glass or mug perfect for starting training pencil drawing.

Step 3

How to draw a pencil, step 2

Drawing pencils. Add details. Once the circuits of the circle are marked, you must specify your data. From the previous form, draw a new sketch. Add additional details such as Crown etc. These contours will be weak dashed. They can always be easy to fix or remove.

Step 4

How to draw a pencil, step 3

The main drawing of the pencil. Shadows of paintings. At this stage you will draw some details and start adding shades per mug. When you create a shadow for an object that you must conditionally denote the direction of light. The sun will be on the right side on my illustration. So the shadow will increase from the left side. Draw a shadow on blows, it will give a style drawing a pencil.

Step 5

Drawing pencils. Try practicing. This mug was just an example. You can practice on other things, but I do not advise you to start learning with pictures of animals and people. Drawing animals or moving objects requires a certain drawing experience with a pencil. But if you want to draw it, you can find lessons about animals and a person, we have on the site. Find out another my pencil drawing!

Step 6

Drawing a pencil. Basis graphic image. Drawing a lot of items in the picture, you must focus on the main unit. Draw basic items more attractive.

Step 7

Technique drawing. Push the pencil. Pencils of various degrees of softness and hardness. Hard pencil will make lighter and accurate lines. Hard pencils for drawing people with small separate features. Soft pencils are simpler in use, they attract shadows well. I hope this lesson «how to draw with a pencil step by step» It was useful for you. If you want to draw animals well, people and t. D. Read on other lessons drawing pencils on my site.

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