Pictures mode of the day

Pictures Schoolchildren Day mode in pictures

Daily regime

The day of the day is one of the most important moments in the life of the baby, because for the day you need to have a lot and cope with your obligations. Rules for must comply with all people, but in particular it is fundamentally to adhere to all schoolchildren because it affects the performance of school.
The routine of the younger group

Junior Group Rules.
Day of the day for morning, lunch and evening

Mode of day in the morning, lunch and evening.
Toilet, bathing, study

Toilet, bathing, study.
Lifting, quiet hour, free time

Lifting, quiet hour, free time.
Cleaning bed, rest, daytime sleep

Cleaning bed, rest, day sleep.
Day for a child

Mode Mode for Baby.
Charging, washing, breakfast

Charging, Washing, Breakfast.
The routine of the day of schoolchildren

The routine of the day of schoolchildren.
Day mode is the correct time distribution

Mode of day — This is proper dispersion of time.
Pictures for children in kindergarten

Drawings for children in kindergarten.
Performance day mode

Mode of the day of the first chair.
One of the school days

One of the school days.
We are guilty of health, observing your own mode!

We are guilty of health, observing your own regime!
For presentation

For presentation.
How to draw a daughter day routine

How to draw a daughter day routine.

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