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Drawings of the Ural Mountains 4 Class – Children’s Pictures of Mountains

Children's drawings Gor

The mountains — Magnical facilities. They make picturesque landscapes and endlessly tempting. They can be greenish or covered with snow, but everyone has their own beauty. The beauty so fascinates that the mountains — One of the first to love to draw babies.
The Ural Mountains at the birth of the Earth were the highest

Ural Mountains at the birth of the Earth were the highest.
Original mountain drawing

Unique sketch of the mountain.
Children's drawing with paints

Children’s sketch paint.
Mountains - work student grade 4

The mountains — Job grade 4 student.
Simple drawing of the mountain road

Ordinary sketch of the mountain road.
Mountain painting with a simple pencil

Mountain pattern by ordinary pencil.
Hike to the mountain

Hike to Mountain.
Snowy vertices mountains

Snowy tops mountains.
Mountain ridge

Mountain Ridge.
Beautiful mountain range

Beautiful mountain range.

Ural Mountains extended throughout the country.
Sunrise in the mountains

Sunrise in the mountains.
Sketch drawing of a mountain

Drawing sketch of the mountain.
Mountain landscape

Mountain landscape.
Figure - Mountains with paints

Sketch — Mountains paints.
Mountains drawn gouache

Mountains drawn gouache.
The hat has a mountain river

The hat at the mountain river.

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