Anime drawing – step by step

Anime drawing – step by step
How to draw anime, step by step

Anime – a unique Japanese pencil drawing genre. Characters drawn in anime style have a clear eye and face shape. There are different types of anime, including manga and comics. An example of the famous cartoon Anime – Pokemon, in which Picamach is a leader among many Pokemon. Very fun to draw pokemon symbols, as the drawing comes out very contrasts, even if done completely in the pencil # 2. For anime art, it is enough to draw a rough face and eyes. Anime characters wear bright simple clothes, which also helps to facilitate the drawing process. It is important to make your drawing bright. Even if you use only pencil number 2, make sure you add a lot of contrast to your drawing, almost without pasteels. In this lesson of this newbie we are going to learn how to draw anime, step by step using # 2 pencil.

Step 1

How to draw anime, step 1

Drawing the initial contours of the figure of the boy anime. When applying something step one step, it is important to estimate the contours of your future drawing at an early stage. Therefore, we have to start with what will start, drawing the main contours of our anime, which can be easier to make the use of rectangular shapes that represent different parts of his body. The first rectangle is intended for the head, and the other is right below – for the neck, from which you need to extend the two arched lighses for the shoulders, accompanied by two more lines for weapons. Circle in the middle – this is the elbow. Another rectangle at the end of the hand is a hand. Do not forget to apply pencil light blows at this stage. Then work on the preliminary description of your character’s clothes.

Step 2

How to draw anime, step 2

Drawing anime anime. Anime character’s face is formed as a rectangle connected to a triangle, which is exactly how you can draw it, except for smoothing the connection between these two geometric shapes. This technique will give your character a distinct form of a face with a narrow pointed chin. You can also add a few details into clothes at this step.

Step 3

How to draw anime, step 3

Adding more details in your anime drawing. Now quit all the extra lines and work on the improvement of the contours. Start with face. For hats, draw an arched line over the face connected to the round base from above the head. Next, draw ears and triangles next to them for hair. Draw branded hand contours. Then you need to draw collar and work on the outdation of the legs. Our character will keep his friend Pikachu in his right hand. Draw a circle for the head of this creature and a rectangle for his body. After checking the correct proportions, it is safe to say that the hardest part has ended!

Step 4

How to draw anime, step 4

Last steps in the drawing of anime boy. At this stage, we will work on emphasizing the details of our anime, mainly face and eyes. Thus, start with the face, making eyes wide with large black pupils. Add a tiny nose and an inverted triangle for mouth. This particular person drawing technique applies only to anime. Moving to clothes, add buttons, pockets and belt. Do not forget to add a t-shirt. Draw main hands from rectangles at the ends of the lever lines. Work on the hair, drawing separate strands in rectangles for ears. Complete the contour of Pikachu and use circles to draw a very simple face. Of course, add ears, hands and tail to this fictional creature.

Step 5

How to draw anime, step 5

Color on your drawing with colored pencils. To work on giving your drawing a high degree of contrast and color. Bright collision flowers are one of the various drawings in anime style. If you decide to stick to a pencil # 2, you must add bright and dark contrasting shades throughout your drawing.

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