Pattern Pencil Castle for Children

Sketch of the castle with a pencil for kids

Modern town is not attacked by Nomadov, or enemies from the adjoining country. A completely different picture was previously. In those days, when castles were built, the danger proceeded to almost all sides. Therefore, the locks were built with the highest walls, surrounded their moats with water, and the princesses, lords and knights. Up to this day have reached the very not many structures of that era, but they remain living in books, and in drawings. The guys like to draw the locks, because they are associated with the parables, and something magical. Specifically, in children’s drawings, you can see the stories that have not been found in our lives.
Funny castle

Funny castle.
Beautiful drawing of the tower

Beautiful sketch of the tower.
Beautiful round castle towers

Beautiful round castle towers.
Children's drawing castle

Children’s sketch castle.
Castle with colored pencils

Castle with colored pencils.
Bridge over the mo

Bridge over Rvom.
Knight's castle

Knight’s castle.
Simple drawing with a pencil

An ordinary pencil sketch.
Children's picture of an impregnable fortress

Children’s picture of an impregnable fortress.
Fabulous castle towers

Fabulous towers of the castle.

Prince and Princess

Tsarevich and Princess.
Simple drawing with a pencil castle

Ordinary sketch of the castle with a pencil.
Coloring lock

Coloring Castle.
My castle

My castle.
Picture in kindergarten

Picture in kindergarten.
Picture of a simple castle for kindergarten

Picture of a regular castle for kindergarten.
Figure Castle - simple pencil

Sketch Castle — ordinary pencil.
Picture of a preschooler

Sketch of preschooler.
Palace drawn with pencils

Palace drawn pencils.
Princesses on the ball

Princesses on the ball.
Knight near the castle

Knight near the castle.
Kingdom with a big castle

Kingdom with a huge lock.
Beautiful castle and knight tournament

Lovely castle and knight tournament.
Scheme of a simple lock pattern

Scheme drawing of a conventional lock.

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