Tutorial to Draw Comics – Step by Step

Tutorial to Draw Comics – Step by Step
How to Draw Comics

On this page WE Learn How to Draw Comics. This Illustration Uses The Basis for The Construction of Comics. The Plot Is Simple, and IT IS A Bit of a Funny Comic Strip. Below Is The Basis for Building Comics. Do Not Write A Lot Of Text, No One Wants To Read Too Much, Looking At The Pictures. COMIC PLOT: a man coming out of the doctor to go outside. But He Hears A Strange Noise Behind The Door, Which Sounds Like Shots. HE CAREFULLY OPENS THE DOOR AND SEES, TO HIS RELIEF, THAT THIS IS THE SOUND OF SOMEONE USING A PNEUMATIC DRILL.


Basics of Comic. The Hardest Part IS to Draw Comic Characters The Same in Every Picture. Don’t Draw Too Many Characters; Easy Is The Basis of Comics. Figures and Faces SHOLD BE Drawn in Cartoon Style. Following These Rules, You Can Easily Receate Your Heroes.


How to Draw Comics, Step 2

Comic Details. Speech Bubble in The Image Should Be Placed On The Right Side to Clear WHO Speaks First. Put Secondary Replicas On The Left Side Of the Image. Dialogue SHOLD BE SHORT AND DIRECT. Bubbles from the Line of Dental Points Are Best Used to Designate Thougohts, Not Speech. Use the Shape Of The Clouds to Designate Dreams.

Step 3

How to Draw Comics, Step 3

Comic Dialogs. Bubble With A Line In The Form of Sharp Corners Transmits Loud Sounds and Wavy Edges of a Bubble Carrying Thoughts or a Quiet Conversation. Use Signs and Lightning to PORTRAY THE NOISE YOU. Draw Your Characters in Dynamic and Active Poses. Keep Your Conversations Over The Main Image Or On The Background of An Empty Field.

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